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Rede de Arrojamentos de Cetáceos do Arquipélago da Madeira


Madeira cetacean stranding network


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In recent years the Madeira Whale Museum has been involved in some Research Projects:


Cetáceos Madeira II

CETACEOS MADEIRA II - - Identification of marine areas critical to the bottlenose dolphin and surveillance of the conservation status of cetaceans in the Madeira Archipelago (Implementation Period: 2009-2013); 




EMECETUSStudy, Monitoring and Education for Cetacean Conservation in Macaronesia (project still in development) (Implementation Period: 2006-2008);




MACETUSStudy of the population structure, distribution, movements and habitat use of Physeter macrocephalus, Globicephala macrorhynchus, Tursiops truncatus and Stenella frontallis in the Macaronesian Region (Implementation Period: 2003-2006);




GOLFINICHOSegregation of the ecological niche in two species of dolphins in the Azores and Madeira (Implementation Period: 2005-2007)



 Cetáceos Madeira

CETACEOS MADEIRAProject for the conservation of cetaceans in the Madeira Archipelago(Implementation Period: 2000-2004).