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The Madeira Whale Museum has vouchers available that can be purchased with discounts and offered as a Christmas gift!

Contact us for more information about this service.



The Christmas Concert held at the Madeira Whale Museum on December 10, 2017, was a success. The Ensemble de Guitarras de Machico, Coro Infantil de Machico and the Grupo Coral of the Associaçao Grupo Coral de Machico brought the magic of Christmas to the museum with their stunning performance. The Madeira Whale Museum would like to congratulate all members of the groups and musicians for the excellent concert. Thank you all, especially the Artistic Director: Nélio Martins. Merry Christmas!



Santa Claus visited the Madeira Whale Museum and delighted the ones who came to welcome him. Overall, approximately two hundred children took part in this activity.

Special thanks to Martins & Martins.Lda, Sweets & Sugar, Uaucacau and Insular-Produtos Alimentares SA for contributing to this event with gifts for children!



Christmas Concert will take place at the Madeira Whale Museum on December 10. The animation will be done by the Grupo Coral de Machico Association, specifically with the vocal group "Coro Infantojuvenil", the instrumental group "Ensemble de Guitars" and by the "Grupo Coral de Machico".


This Christmas season, MWM will celebrate Christmas with the children. In this edition, Santa Claus is coming to the Museum and will make their dreams come true!

Free entrance!


On 19 November, as part of the commemoration of the National Sea Day of 2017, the activity "Behind the scenes... take 4" took place at the Madeira Whale Museum. Its purpose was to present part of the scientific work that the Institution is involved. Thus, the museum has opened to the public its technical-scientific areas, that are usually restricted to biologists, where studies are developed in order to acquire knowledge of cetaceans and the marine environment.

This initiative, free of charge, included the presentation of the projects in which the museum is involved, namely:

– Doutora Ruth Esteban: Projeto MISTIC SEAS II

- Dra. Inês Cunha: Projeto Ocean Webs

- Dr. Nuno Marques: RACAM e Projeto MARCET



As part of the commemoration of the National Sea Day, the activity "Ajude a Virar a Maré" took place today, held in partnership with "EB1/PE/Creche do Caniçal", "EB2+3 do Caniçal" and "Centro de dia do Caniçal". The activity encouraged to clean a beach in Caniçal.



The Madeira Whale Museum (MWM) - Municipality of Machico formalized today, November 6, a partnership with EB1/PE/Nursery of Caniçal.

For the 2017/2018 school year, the "Sea histories" project will be developed, which will continue the work made in previous school years.

This project started in 2015 with the purpose of attracting the local population closer to the museum, in particular, the educational community. It seeks to promote learning through activities directed to each school year, complementing the school curriculum.




No mês de novembro teremos a seguinte planificação, na atividade semanal "Hora do Conto".

Contamos convosco!





Este ano letivo foi organizada uma exposição temporária, com os trabalhos desenvolvidos pelos alunos, resultante do desfio educativo “Cardumo” - nome popular que os baleeiros atribuíam a um grupo de baleias. 


O projeto foi concebido pela Professora Mariana Ribeiro que contou com a colaboração dos CAO de Machico, Santa Cruz – Camacha e Santana.
O objetivo principal é suscitar a reflexão, já que a par da pintura, poderão ser lidas palavras-chave, associadas à temática do museu, como BALEIA, APRENDER, CONSERVAR e INCLUIR, dando cor ao cais de Machico.



Cartaz ciclo de cinema


The CineMar 2017 cycle of cinema took place in the Whale Museum’s garden, which was held weekly, between 18 August and 09 September. Taking into account the museum’s mission, some movies related to its subject areas were chosen and presented, which addressed the sea, whaling, protection/conservation of species and also biodiversity.

CineMar 2017 began on August 18 at 9 pm with John Huston’s 1956 movie "Moby Dick". This movie was based on Herman Melvill’s work which immortalizes the history of whaling. The choice of this first movie is due to its connection with Madeira Island. The real whaling images were shot off the Island with the support of Madeira whalers and EBM, whose acknowledgment is made at the beginning of the movie.

The second movie "Free Willy", screened on 25 August, warns us about the need to respect and protect species and also the animal captivity issues.

The third movie "Finding Nemo", screened on 02 September, approaches the marine biodiversity and raises awareness of the impact of human activities on the habitat of these animals.

Finally, on September 9th, the movie "In the Heart of the Sea" was presented. It is also based on the book "Moby Dick" and displays another version of the whaling activity.

This free-of-charge initiative was designed for different age groups of the general public. Its purpose was to provide different summer evenings in the museum's natural amphitheater, conveniently located over the bay, as well as contributing to the cultural dynamization of the civil parish of Caniçal and the municipality of Machico.


Madeira Whale Museum informs that the 50% discount on the third Saturday of each month is active again!

Cartaz 50 2017